Even More Reasons to Hate Facebook

Sunday, November 18, 2018
Glendale, California

Even More Reasons to Hate Facebook

Before ragging on FB still more, I must confess. I have an FB account myself but use it only to post this blog.

Like any insecure writer, I want to spread my thoughts.

FB offers me a vehicle.

But I do nothing personal on it.

Confession over, here’s the list of ongoing, serious evils of FB:

  1. A recent New York Times investigation revealed FB knew full well the Russians were interfering with the 2016 election—right at the time it was occurring. They did nothing to stop it.
  2. FB promotes narcissism. Users post their groovy pictures of weddings, celebrations, and celebrity-chef food preparations. Significant evidence exists it is harming the self-images of young people. No wonder there are epidemic-like proportions of adolescents with anxiety.
  3. Dialogue is tricky, as is intimacy. FB promotes mutual monologues, offering a social media version of masturbation instead of intercourse. Consider an argument with a friend, even a mild one. This requires MATURITY. It requires a capacity to identify your grievance, speak it, and respond to your friend’s rebuttal. NO ONE learns these skills using FB.
  4. FB uses YOU. They study your profiles and sell the information to major corporations. Ha, you’re being played by FB.
  5. FB provides a powerful vehicle for alt-right, alt-left, and all kinds of bizarre news. Most Americans get their news from FB. This makes Hitler’s propaganda machine look tame by comparison.
  6. The NYT article also documents ways FB attacks its critics. Little writers like me, who dare to criticize Big Brother, could be banned. How is this fair?
  7. Mark Zuckerberg, now the 8th wealthiest man in the world, lives modestly, in some ways. He drives regular old cars. However, he’s buying up real estate like crazy, mostly for his own use, and builds castles well beyond the needs of his wife and two daughters.
  8. Furthermore, although he’s done some philanthropy, Zuckerberg’s charitable involvement is tiny—particularly given his current net worth of $81.6 billion. That money, made by using YOU GUYS (and me, I suppose), could singlehandedly change the face of the American educational system. It could be used to radically alter the American healthcare system. It could help offset the effects of climate change. C’mon, Mark. What’s up?
  9. FB has one billion active users. What? Some seven billion humans roam this earth. One in seven of them are using this one vehicle? That’s extremely scary. FB has the capacity to influence huge swaths of humanity—an extremely dangerous phenomenon.

Ain’t that reason enough to trash your FB account?


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