Moods of the East (Arizona)

Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Flagstaff, Arizona

Moods of the East (Arizona)


Ending 8-hour drive, seeing statuesque conifers, being at 7000 feet altitude, viewing few hotel guests, imagining an 16-month-old child awaiting a visit, breathing fresh air, writing in the quiet of the woods, anticipating more open road.


Spewing hydrocarbons from the rented SUV, abandoning a dog, leaving work unfinished, having the luxury of time off, earning the money to afford it, witnessing the terrific unfairness of life.


Watching the smoke rise from rampant fires in Northern California, viewing fire-ravaged remains of forests from eastern California into western Arizona, wondering when remaining woods—now flourishing— will burn too, fearing for the welfare of the unemployed, thinking of Ivanka Trump at the RNC convention tonight, seeing unimaginable propaganda flooding the American media landscape.


The glory of the human family, bonding with fellow travelers (if only through eyes), the expanse of the countryside, family, friends, the human spirit, hope, people wearing masks, hand-washing stations, sensitivity to others, caring.


The ill, dying, or dead from Covid-19, fears of illness or loss of loved ones, the economic fallout of the pandemic, massive business closures, food and drink available only through room service or take-out, restaurants and bars shuttered, empty hotels, a few kids playing with masks on.


Trump using federal buildings and the secretary of state as props, the expansive proliferation of lies (“look to my husband for the truth” — Melania Trump last night), the RNC convention propaganda spreading untruths with an infectiousness rendering Covid tame, innumerable Amazon trucks on the highways, income inequality, comparisons of Biden to Fidel Castro, divisiveness.

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